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ScribbleNFT Non-Fungible Tokens


ScribbleNFT is an Intellectual Properties Custodian company charged with creating and marketing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) using the licensed or owned assets of various Artists, Musicians and Studios. ScribbleNFT is engaging Independent Contractors to build and deliver a Blockchain Platform to be solely owned by ScribbleNFT and maintained and managed by the Contracted Entity. The Independent Contractor will use the best practices and solutions to secure the NFTs, facilitate transactions and protect the integrity of the network

  • The process of thinking and writing this plan provides clarity for the business.
  • Capital is needed from outside sources; investors want to see a plan that demonstrates a solid understanding and vision for the business.
  • This plan will help prioritize tasks that are most important.
  • With growth, the plan offers a common understanding of the vision to new leaders.

ScribbleNFT will be an ethos-driven decentralized technology company. Our first instantiation is Project ScribbleNFT (Beta now live at

This platform further needs a vertically integrated experience that includes a network (blockchain), Nexus (interface & applications), and Token ($EGBK).

Phase 1 - Discovery

During this phase the Contractor will leverage their internal team and third-party partners to create the specific outcomes and needs. This phase will include working with key stakeholders to define the goals, audience personas, competitive landscape, and market positioning that, together, become a brand strategy that will define product feature prioritization (what you build first, second, etc) and, eventually, look & feel, internal culture, and tone.

Phase 0 will finalize with a project plan that includes a complete technological roadmap necessary to execute the plan and development of the needs of the client along with a brand strategy document that will help define the go to market strategy.

As part of the accelerated Discovery Phase, Contractor will run a brand workshop to determine goals, audience, competition, complements, and positioning. This Accelerated Discovery will help speed development and launch of the ScribbleNFT platform toward an early Q4 2022 with a limited offering with expanded offerings rolling out through Q1 2023

Phase 2 Development

Contractor will build the project infrastructure and systems design. This includes any network technology "EGBK IP" and Contractor's internal development team. In essence Contractor will build out the project that was mapped out in phase 0.

A customized set of interfaces for end users that can include:

  • Peer to Peer Transaction Protocol with Human Readable
  • Address System (@name)
  • Multi-Currency Digital Asset Management Tool
  • Arbitrage Gateways (on and off ramps)
  • Integrated Accounting and Reporting Tools
  • NFT issuance platform

A globally distributed Trust network and transaction layer Any number of required digital assets, digital currencies, or any fungible or non-fungible tokens Token omics including inflation models and system incentives Contractor will identify the best options on the type of token deployment based on market conditions Targeting a Q4 launch with complete NFT Offerings to follow

Additional features & services, among others, can include:

  • Crypto to Fiat Debit Card System
  • Point of Sale interface for businesses
  • Design, branding, and copywriting services (if needed)

Phase 3 Integration

Because of interoperable systems, once the core of the project is ready, the Contractor team will shift its focus to the integration of the information age ecosystem with any pre-existing systems if needed. A deep dive from the initial Phase 0 will inform the project if and how integration is needed with existing systems and platforms.

Phase 4 Deployment

Contractor will handle the development, deployment, branding, market positioning for the ScribbleNFT project. During this phase, Contractor will leverage its proprietary methodology into positioning and market deployment of the project infrastructure that was built in phase 2. Phase 4 will bring the client's project into the market. Contractor will be required to have extensive experience in Token Omics and Marketing of Cryptocurrencies which establishes the right number of Tokens, Token Pricing and the stories that make them successful.

Options for this phase include:

  • a global token sale
  • the launch of an exchange gateway
  • participation in decentralized financial platforms that emerge
  • as desirable during Phase 0’s discovery.
  • global marketing services

Phase 5 Sustainability Partnership

The next stages will be focused on ensuring these systems remain up to date and functional while still leaving the door open for continued innovation and economic growth. If desired, ScribbleNFT and its team will continue to plan, develop, and deploy cutting edge economic tools

At ScribbleNFT, we believe in the radical idea that economic systems should serve everyone. Which is why we are designing and building a decentralized economic system with tools that put human needs first. With the Anatha Platform, a vertically integrated set of IP and services, we help groups, organizations, and causes deploy their own decentralized economies and tools to meet the needs of their community.

We are proud leaders of Project Anatha, the first full deployment of the Anatha Platform, and a project that expresses the Anatha mission in its core code, returning rewards created on network-to-network participants via the Anatha Torus, with the goal of creating a regenerative universal basic income (UBI).

Anatha is the brainchild of Edward DeLeon Hickman, Hawaii's leading crypto economist, and employs a global team of experienced engineers, digital asset professionals, and designers.